Services Offered


Cutting down trees in domestic situations is rarely as simple as just cutting a tree at the base and letting it fall where it may, most of the time the tree will need to be climbed. Dismantling a tree involves the careful application of various techniques, including lowering and winching, allowing the tree to be brought down under complete control. By employing these skills we can avoid any damage to houses, sheds, greenhouses and flower beds.

Crown Reduction

This is the systematic cutting back of the tree’s branches to create a smaller overall crown that is reflective of the natural shape and form of the original tree. The size of the reduction is normally expressed as a percentage of the total height of the tree. Reduction helps to reduce the sail area (exposure to wind) of a tree and helps to limit further expansion of the root plate. It can as allow more light to reach surrounding areas.

Crown Thinning

This is the removal of a proportion of the foliage carrying branches of the tree to effect a reduction in crown density. This allows more light to penetrate the crown and also allows wind to move more freely through the crown, reducing the sail area.


This process involves reducing the tree to a very basic framework or even just a stem. It is an effective way of managing some fast growing trees but is not suitable for all species.

Crown lifting

The removal of lower branches of a tree’s crown to give clearance, clear sight lines and improve the aesthetics of a tree by creating a good ratio of crown to visible stem.

Hedge Trimming

No hedge too big or small. We have all the equipment to deal with whatever you present us with. Regular trimming will keep your hedge looking dense and smart. We recommend trimming a minimum of once per year to achieve good results.

Site Clearance

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house and the garden is completely overgrown or you’ve got some land that needs clearing ready for development we can do it all. From a postage stamp back garden to a 20 acre site.

Stump Grinding

If you have had a tree removed you’ll be left with a stump. Stump grinding ┬áis how we remove the stump and main root ball for you, leaving you free to re-plant/re-use the area.

Ivy/Climber removal

When triffids start to overtake your house we’ve got the tools and skill to get it back under control.


From advise on what to plant, to sourcing, delivery and planting.