Our friendly, professional tree felling & removal service is competitively priced and stress-free.

Cutting down trees in domestic situations is rarely as simple as just cutting a tree at the base and letting it fall where it may, most of the time the tree will need to be climbed.

Dismantling a tree involves the careful application of various techniques, including lowering and winching, allowing the tree to be brought down under complete control. By employing these skills we can avoid any damage to houses, sheds, greenhouses and flower beds.

We’ve seen most things over the last 14 years when it comes to taking trees down but felling very often isn’t the only option. If you’re keen to retain your problem tree, then we can normally suggest other courses of action to make it safer and manage it to ensure it has a long and healthy life.

Whatever the dismantling/felling job, our experienced team is sure to have the solution. We relish a challenging and you can rest assured you and your tree are in safe hands with us.

Tree Dismantling / Felling for the home-counties area
"Julian and his team undertook a significant amount of difficult tree clearance work on a freezing day and on a very difficult sloping site. They completed all of the work that was requested and carefully removed all of the material in an extremely professional manner."
Tom Jones