Friendly, professional tree crown reduction service competitively priced and local

Crown Reduction is the systematic cutting back of the tree’s branches to create a smaller overall crown that is reflective of the natural shape and form of the original tree.

Whether it’s shading your garden too much or starting to encroach on structures on your property, our skilled operatives are proficient in pruning even the most precarious looking limbs. The size of the reduction is normally expressed as a percentage of the total height of the tree. Reduction helps to reduce the sail area (exposure to wind) of a tree. It can as allow more light to reach surrounding areas.

Many trees respond well to some form of pruning when done correctly. Our team are knowledgeable about which species can tolerate reduction, how they respond to the pruning and how frequently it might need doing. Armed with the right information we can guide you to a decision that will be in the best interests of your trees whilst offering best value for money for you.

Crown Reduction for Surrey and the surrounding area
"The team arrived promptly and carried on in a quick and efficient manner with minimal disruption to us. We had multiple large trees felled, many others topped and multiple stumps ground. I felt the team worked quickly and very professionally and finished within the time frame indicated. I also felt the quote was entirely reasonable for the work carried out. Would definitely recommend."
Jonathan Carter-Meggs