Friendly, professional stump grinding service competitively priced and local

If you have had a tree removed you’ll be left with a stump. Stump grinding  is how we remove the stump and main root ball for you, leaving you free to re-plant/re-use the area.

 We currently have two stump grinders which cover all the bases when it comes to stump grinding.

The 27hp Danequip self-propelled pedestrian grinder. Made to fit easily through a standard back gate and can also navigate steps and slopes to gain access to most gardens.

The 50hp Predator radio controlled tracked grinder. This awesome machine can chew through even the biggest of stumps in no time. Most at home in woodland or on clearance sites but due to its narrow track width can also access a standard back gate. We have special matting to ensure that we can get it in and out of your garden without ruining your lawn.

Stump Grinding for Surrey and the surrounding area
"Julian and his team did a great job felling and stump grinding trees for me. They were always polite and professional. The job was quoted at a reasonable price. All in all, an excellent service."
Daniel Hull