Meet the future of tree removal

  • Safest, with no risk to climbers
  • Quickest, with minimal disruption to traffic
  • No impact, lifting over fences, phone lines and more


This method of tree removal will excel wherever a tree needs to be mechanically dismantled. Dead, dying and dangerous trees including trees affected by ash dieback, ivy clad trees, stems with structural defects or root decay, as well as healthy trees that need to be brought down under control.

Extract your personnel from the danger zone with a 56 ton meter crane reaching 29m in height and 26 m horizontally with more than 900kg capacity at full extension. The grapple saw has a 24″ cutting capability, with capacity to hold and cut bigger pieces manually. These are mounted on a short wheel base lorry with rear wheel steering for unbeatable manoeuvrability.

When using our crane and grapple saw for mechanical dismantling, limbs and stems can be held, cut and lowered in a smooth manner avoiding the fracture and uncontrolled falling of the material. Material is then place on the ground to be chipped or placed directly into our 60 cubic yard trailer to be processed off site. By placing directly into the trailer breakable tree limbs never touch the ground so even more labour is saved on the clear up.

Mechanical dismantling is the ideal solution for trees affected by diseases such as Phaeolus schweinitzii, Kretzschmaria deusta, Meripilus giganteus or Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Ash dieback). In particular, Ash dieback threatens to decimate the UK’s Ash population. Research has shown that wood in infected trees become more brittle and susceptible to breaking, especially under loading such as lowering branches or a climber’s anchorpoint. By using our Mechanil grapple saw, limbs and stems can be dismantled safely for operatives and the surrounding space (including homes, fences, roads, telephone wires, etc).

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Whatever the dismantling/felling job, our experienced team is sure to have the solution. We relish a challenging and you can rest assured you and your tree are in safe hands with us.

A great shot of our Mechanical Dismantling crane and grapple saw at work
"Julian and his team did a terrific job in carefully cutting down a large tree without damaging a pagoda underneath the tree. A superb job at a reasonable rate and all the mess was scrupulously cleared away"
C Miller, Wonersh